Meet Deanna Johnson Cauthen


TPS Public Relations owner and operator, Deanna Cauthen, is an event marketing specialist and has partnered with churches, local government, private businesses, and other organizations in the metro-Atlanta community to create and deliver a variety of community events, including the You’re Hired!- A Resume and Job Assistance Event, the Atlanta Starving Artist Art Show and Auction, and Celebrating the Change: A National Menopause Awareness Month Forum.

Mrs. Cauthen is currently the host of The Elevate! Talk Show, a mother-daughter talk show that she co-hosts with her daughter, Adrianna Cauthen. The show touches on a wide variety of family matters including education, parent-child relationships, and navigating relationships with extended family.

The Elevate Talk Show can be viewed on its YouTube channel and on DeKalb TV Channel 25, a local public access channel that is aired to more than 700,000 citizens in the county. DeKalb TV Channel 25 also has a worldwide reach via online streaming.

Additionally, The Elevate Talk Show’s ‘Around the Town’ travel segment can be viewed on the digital newspaper of On Common Ground News, the largest bi-monthly newspaper in the metro-Atlanta area with over 30,000 readers.

Deanna Johnson Cauthen is the former host of The Working Woman Radio Show, a podcast that featured conversations about the unique issues that working women face. The Working Woman Radio Show is one of a family of podcasts that are featured on The Ultimate Christian Podcast Network. In February of 2021, The Working Woman Radio Show recieved a commendation from the Georgia House of Representatives.

Additionally, Deanna is also the co-owner and Marketing Director of ReVamped Furnishings, an antique furniture restoration company. She and her husband, Andrew, consider themselves Renaissance people. Although they are both highly skilled communications professionals, they also have a passion for bringing new life back to old furniture. They love restoring family heirlooms, and re-imagining and creating new pieces.

Deanna has also worked as a contributing writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Decatur Dispatch and Tucker Times news magazines, publications of Hometown News Inc. She has also worked for the Stone Mountain-Lithonia Patch, an news outlet.

As a writer, she has written numerous articles for local and national publications including Leadership Journal, a magazine published by Christianity Today.  Additionally, Deanna has owned TPS Public Relations where she provided marketing services for small business owners.

Mrs. Cauthen is the mother of four adult children and is a veteran home educator of 27 years. In 2019, when her youngest daughter graduated high school, Deanna completed her homeschooling career. 

Mrs. Cauthen, her husband, Andrew, and their daughter, Adrianna, live in Decatur with their dog, Carolina.

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